Sound limiters in Ibiza at Optima Audio, a Cesva, MRC Audio and Ecudap Authorized sailer and Installer.

In entertainment venues with certain characteristics and in which the greatest source of noise is music, the administration will require the installation of an acoustic limiter to meet Ibiza noise laws.

These are devices that allow you to control any musical activity and ensure that the noise levels reached in the activity will not exceed the maximum allowed.

Said installation must be carried out by a competent technician so that after the correct placement of the device, the premises can comply with the requirements and, in turn, that the music available does not be affected.

At Optima Audio we carry out this type of installation since we are authorized installers of the best brands of sound limiters in Ibiza or Return of Investment) which in the case of LED screens is usually less than two years.
This together with the long life of the products (minimum 80,000 or 100,000 hours of operation) makes it a product with high profitability.

The effectiveness of LED screens for outdoor advertising is fully guaranteed and is becoming one of the most lucrative businesses for many companies today.


High definition acoustic limiters

Audio and sound level limiter, analyzer and frequency recorder for 1/3 octave

  • Crisp sound, without cuts or distortions
  • 1/3 octave from 50 Hz to 5 kHz according to IEC 61260
  • FullHD video output for HDMI devices
  • Up to 4 class 1 sensors
  • Easy to install with responsive Webserver
  • Graphic equalizer 1/3 octave
  • Adaptable to all types of players
  • Schedule with biannual calendar
  • ENSO with adjustable attack and release
  • Telematic transmission via WIFI and Ethernet

MRC Audio EQLimit: 

These acoustic limiters have:

  • Two microphone inputs for measurement at two different points
  • Equalization of the control signal with 1/3 octave filters according to the isolation curve
  • Visual programming and control software with the possibility of Internet connection
  • Data transmission via Ethernet or GPRS
  • Activity storage greater than 6 months in non-volatile memory
  • Excellent sound even with high levels of attenuation
  • Balanced audio inputs and outputs up to + 20dBv
  • USB, Ethernet and RS232 connection


The EQD-50SR XBasis acoustic limiter and sound recorder spectrally limits limitation with analog inputs and outputs, configurable through the USB port through a Software Toolkit (EcuDap Toolbox) that allows adjustments to the maximum emission level of the equipment in the premises and the maximum level transmitted to the receiving premises, allowing the use of acoustic insulation in thirds of an octave by means of the value defined by UNE –EN ISO 717-1: 1997.

As a recorder it allows the use of a microphone, with the capacity to measure both in dB (A) and in dB (C), with type II measurement quality according to IEC 61672.

Dispose of:

A configuration USB port.
An RS-485 serial port for communication with external presentation devices, allowing the use of an optional device with an Ethernet port that allows connection to the Network, intranet or internet, both for sending data and for firmware updates.

As for the electrical characteristics of these acoustic limiters, their 24 Bit AD / DA converters allow a dynamic range greater than 110 dB, which together with their high capacity to handle high input and output voltages, make this device an element that complying with the control requirements prescribed by any regulations regarding noise emission limitations, it does not interfere with the quality of the equipment in which it is assembled, preserving both its dynamics and its signal-noise performance without introducing any type of distortion or tonal coloring in the program musical broadcast.