If you need networked audio and hire in Ibiza a professional company, trust Optima Audio.

With Dante the physical connection point is irrelevant: as long as all devices are connected on the same network, audio signals can be available anywhere, anytime.

They are configured in software and not over physical wired connections (Dante-Controller software, available for Mac or Pc).

Depending on the application, Dante allows up to 512 bidirectional channels of audio network to be sent and distributed over an Ethernet network, using low-cost CAT-5e or CAT-6 cable.

Digital distribution reduces assembly times and also eliminates the need for copper cable, the cost of which is
progressively increasing.  Installation is simplified by digital network connection since all the necessary inputs and outputs will be transported as digital audio data using CAT-5e or CAT6 cables.

Furthermore, digital distribution does not imply additional hardware or software costs. Another benefit is that Dante signals can coexist in any establishment's current computer network, without causing problems. It allows the use of existing network components as it is compatible with standard Ethernet switches and routers.

This system allows establishments to sound up areas where they have a data network without having to carry
out works or new installations. Even differentiate various musical environments in a simple way, centralized from any point and with a cheaper final cost.

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